Interview Days for Employers

Interview Day Hiring

HireLive “Interview Days” can be utilized in any market across the country, and is ideal for executive level or hard to fill positions. HireLive will do all the marketing, candidate sourcing, screening, and selection process. You give us your ideal profile for the candidate, we begin sourcing, cold calling and pre-screening candidates. We then schedule set interview times and send over the schedule and resumes of the most qualified candidates in the market prior to the event. Each “Interview Day” is held at your office or location of your choice, and produced for one low flat fee. The fee is a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting methods; whether you hire 1 or multiple candidates.

Benefits of a HireLive Interview Day

  1. The same service and feel of a search firm for HireLive’s extremely low flat rate.
  2. Having the marketing power and promotion of your open position(s) done by a respected third party recruitment firm.
  3. Ability to interview qualified candidates in any market across the United States
  4. Complete pre-screening and pre-selection performed by your dedicated HireLive recruiter.
  5. Limited time required by your recruiters and managers. Just show up and Interview.
  6. Conducting interviews in the comfort of your own office or location of your choice.
How a HireLive Interview Day Works

  1. Call us two weeks prior to when you would like to conduct interviews in your open market.
  2. Give us the city and state, day, time and location you would like to conduct interviews.
  3. Provide us the profile of your candidate, how many openings you have, company comp plan, benefits and selling points.
  4. HireLive will do the rest. HireLive will start the marketing campaign, assign a recruiter to the project, set up a call with your hiring manager, interview all qualified candidates applied and sourced, and set a schedule of interviews on the date and location that you chose.
  5. You will be emailed the set schedule and resumes 2 days before your interview day.

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