Job Seeker Tips

Job Boards
Today the industry standard for locating your next job is on popular job boards including, CareerBuilder and Monster. These are excellent sources for openings, with key word searches, the ability to post your resume to these sites and the ease of use for both you and employers. Job boards are an excellent way to look for your next career.
Social Networking
Times have changed…and social networking has revolutionized the job search experience. Employers are now using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, company blogs and so many more to post their openings. Many of these sites have formal job searching sections that companies are now using instead of or along with the standard methods.

It’s important to know that when utilizing these new tools, you will want to update your accounts on these sites so they reflect a positive image of you and show accuracy within your work history.

Career Fairs
When you hear Career Fair, I am sure most people think back to the college job fair with a bunch of companies that weren’t hiring, but were really there just to tell you about themselves. Career Fairs have come along way and offer a lot more than just company background. Companies who are attending Career Fairs not only have open job positions, but will most often hold first interviews on-site. These are great ways to get yourself in front of the right people and bring your resume to life before it makes its way into the “stack”.
Universities are not only there to educate you, but to help you succeed in life. Most colleges have a career center, online job boards, and alumni resources available for your job search.
We all have them, they are either sitting in the next cubicle or you once worked together at another job and possibly shared that cubicle wall with them. Talking to trusted colleagues is a great way to get the word out that you are looking for a new job. Your never know who they know. They might be your stepping stone to a great interview with a dream company.
Remember when your mother said you never know where you will meet “The One”. Well the same goes for job hunting. Networking is key to landing a great position, you never know who you will meet. Maybe you meet the hiring manager for a company you never even considered or someone in the marketing department who just heard about a position opening up in their company. Getting yourself out there and networking at mixers or industry events can often lead to your next interview and possible job opportunity.

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