Open House Hiring

With a HireLive Open House we can bring a job fair to you. With as little as 7-10 day notice, in any market across all 50 States, HireLive can help you meet with a vast amount of candidates face to face with your own Open House. All you have to do is show up and interview. HireLive will launch a marketing campaign utilizing our resources to advertise and attract job seekers who are directly interested in your employment opportunities.

Using online job boards, email campaigns, social networking, local universities and our 3million candidate proprietary database we advertise and promote your job openings. Personalized phone calls are extended to each candidate to ensure the applicants are prepared to meet with you.

HireLive directs these active candidates to the day, time and location of your choice to make the interviewing process as easy for you as possible. If you require candidates to apply online on your company website, fill out availability forms, or complete any sort of pre-interview paperwork…HireLive can ensure all of this is taken care of, and job seekers show up completely prepared.

The Open House service is ideal when you are looking to fill multiple openings at once, including positions for call center locations, retail stores or territory expansions. Each “Open House” is produced for one low flat fee. Whether you hire 1 or multiple candidates, there is no additional cost.

Benefits of a HireLive Open House

  1. Extremely low flat rate.
  2. Full HireLive marketing power targeting candidates for your event.
  3. Having the marketing and promotion of your open position(s) done by a respected third party recruitment firm.
  4. Ability to meet with multiple candidates in any market across the United States
  5. Conducting interviews in the comfort of your own office or location of your choice.
How a HireLive Open House Works

  1. Call us one to two weeks prior to when you would like to hold your “Open House”.
  2. Give us the city and state, day, time frame and location you would like to see candidates.
  3. Provide us the profile of your candidate, how many openings you have, company comp plan, benefits and selling points for our marketing campaign.
  4. HireLive will begin their marketing campaign, promoting your company, open positions, benefits, location and time of your “Open House”.

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