Tips For Attending a Career Fair

Career Fair Tip #1
Arrive early to give yourself time to set up, get prepared and enjoy breakfast before the job fair begins at 9 am. Or you can make your life even easier by arriving the night before and taking advantage of your complimentary over night stay at any of our events in Embassy Suite Hotels.

Career Fair Tip #2
Maximize your time by using the hotel accommodations to your advantage such as scheduling interviews the night before or after the event ends with candidates you are already in the process of speaking with.

Career Fair Tip #3
Bring your company display, pop up or table cloth if you have any. There is plenty of room in your suite and right outside your room to create a nice company presence.

Career Fair Tip #4
Company brochures and take home items are always helpful in having candidates remember who you are and why they want to work for your company.

Career Fair Tip #5
Bring anywhere from 1 – 2 hiring managers, bringing more than 2 can often be intimidating for job seekers when entering your suite, or confuse them into thinking you are busy interviewing other candidates.

Career Fair Tip #6
Engage with candidates waiting in line to speak with other companies, approaching them might interest a job seeker who otherwise wouldn’t have considered speaking with your company. You don’t have to wait for your star sales representative to come to you.

Career Fair Tip #7
Plan to be there until the event ends, many employed candidates show up on their lunch break and arrive between 12 and 12:15.

Career Fair Tip #8
Depending on how long your line is don’t be afraid to spend 5-10 minutes with a perspective hire. However if you do have a long line you may want to do a shorter screening of 2-3 people at a time so you can see as many candidates as possible.

Career Fair Tip #9
Feel free to do any additional marketing for the opportunities you are looking to fill at our career fair to enhance your overall experience.

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