Career Fair Amenities

Company Logo in Marketing Campaign
Your company name and logo will be featured in a variety of display advertising and marketing materials to promote each event. By using each companies name and logo in the marketing campaigns, we maximize the drawing power of multiple, well known, nationally prominent companies which will help attract quality candidates with significantly varied industry backgrounds and experience.

Online Exposure and Website Traffic Link
Online Exposure and Website Traffic link your companies name on job boards and also displayed on the website so candidates have access to your company’s website before each event for further information. This will help your company with exposure before and after each event you attend.

Applicant Career Guide
Each company attending the event is profiled in the Applicant Career Guide in order to increase exposure and educate candidates about your company, positions available and profile requirements. This guide is given for free to all candidates upon registration and assists in matching their backgrounds with company profiles. This better ensures that the right candidates are coming to interview with you. You can also upgrade your ad to a customer half page full graphic design to create even greater candidate awareness.

Priority Location
The location at each event is based on a few factors. First, Major Accounts are offered priority location, second, we do not want competitors directly next to each other, and third the sooner you sign up the better location you will receive. The better location you receive the more foot traffic you will get from candidates.

Sign with Corporate Logo
Each company will get a color sign with their company logo

Breakfast and Refreshments
In order to maximize your day of recruiting, each company’s attending recruiters will be provided breakfast and refreshments at each event.

Candidate Prescreening at Career Fair (Upgrade)
If you would like to narrow down the total amount of candidates you see at any particular event, and only see candidates that have certain qualifications, we can help with that. We can make any candidate who wants to speak with you, speak with our registration desk for a pre-screening first. This normally takes one minute and we regularly ask for proof of a college degree, a certain amount of years of sales experience and so forth. We will stamp the resume of the qualified candidate and they have to present that stamped resume to you for an interview. ($300 Upgrade)

Half Page Ad in Career Guide (Upgrade)
To receive even more exposure at a HireLive Career Fair, you can get a ½ page Advertisement in the Applicant Career Guide that we hand to each candidate that attends the Career Fair. This will bring more attention and exposure to your company and opportunities. ($300 Upgrade)

Contract Recruiter Service (Upgrade)
If you have open positions in a HireLive Career Fair market, and cannot attend a certain event on our schedule, but would still like a chance to interview the candidates attending for your open position, we can help. HireLive has a relationship with Contract Recruiters in each Career Fair market, and we can schedule to have one of these recruiters attend for you to screen candidates on your behalf. HireLive will schedule a call between you and the Contract Recruiter before the event to go over your specifics and how you would like the interviews to take place. ($300 Upgrade)

Copies of Candidate Resumes from the event (Upgrade)
After each event you attend, your company will have the option to receive a copy of all non-confidential resumes collected in order to track additional candidates you may have missed at the event. Taking advantage of this amenity guarantees access to hundreds of candidate backgrounds from each Career Fair. ($300 Upgrade)

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