Career Fair Marketing

9 Tips for Career Fair Marketing

Each HireLive Sales, Retail and Management Career Fair has a thorough, and demographically targeted marketing campaign designed to attract hundreds of the most qualified candidates in the area. Using the pulling power of all the different companies from different industries, each company will have access to hundreds of candidates, many of which might never have applied for their position otherwise. A HireLive marketing plan consists of:

Online Job Boards
Extensive online campaigns are launched for each event aimed at the job seeker. HireLive has partnered with all the major job boards including CareerBuilder and Monster and have access to their network of thousands of partner job boards. HireLive also uses the online job board databases of thousands of resumes to recruit for specific, possibly hard to find positions. This ensures that anyone looking for an opportunity similar to the one you are offering will see our job posting and come to speak with you at one of our job fairs.

Social Networking
Times have changed…the radio, TV and print resources are not always the best way to find a passive candidate anymore. With our experience and presence on every major social networking site, we instantly have access to thousands of candidates in each market prior to each Career Fair. We stay in touch with job seekers through posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter to our nationwide followers. We stay in constant contact with colleges, job boards, and different media outlets through the multiple networks we use to recruit and stay active with. We gain the ability to reach out to other sources, for example @BaJobs (the Bay Area’s most popular job board), @DailyBruin (The University of California Los Angeles’s school run newspaper), or @HersheyCareers (The Hershey Company’s career page). By using those numerous social networking pages we gain access thousands of other job seekers.

Email Blasting
Every day, and after each event, HireLive continues to add more resumes to our proprietary database. We use our own database, as well as partners like CareerBuilder and Monster databases to source qualified candidates for projects, and promote companies attending our Career Fairs with massive email blast campaigns promoting the open positions, locations, times and much more.

Phone Calls
Not only do we reach out to candidates through multiple media outlets, we actually speak with them on the phone. We take the time to call every applicant, answer their questions, prepare them for the events and make sure they understand the job position they applied for. We remind them of date, time and place as well to bring multiple copies of their resume and to dress professionally. When reaching out personally to the applicants it makes them feel more comfortable about the interview process and knowledgeable about the position.

Radio and Print Media
HireLive has partnered with many Radio Stations, Career Magazines and Newspapers to promote our upcoming Career Fairs in that particular market. These advertisements promote the companies participating, open positions, date, location, times and much more.

College Boards
All local universities are targeted extensively for each event including popular websites, school newspapers and career centers. We have created relationships with many schools newspapers and career centers enabling us to advertise jobs and events on schools campuses. We want to target the alumni and college students who are working towards a bachelor’s degree or have already obtained one. These students are educated, eager to work and are always actively searching for jobs.

Spidering Technology
There are thousands of online job boards in the US. Most of these job boards have resumes uploaded to them from active job seekers for all positions and industries. Spidering Technology allows an “agent” to spider out and find resumes with certain key words across the internet, send the candidate an email regarding your open position and bring the resume back to our database for review. This is a great tool to use when trying to find job seekers with a specific set of skills, or when trying to fulfill a difficult position.

Diversity Marketing
HireLive is proud to help our clients with their diversity recruiting needs. Every other event produced in each market on our schedule has a diversity emphasis. On top of our traditional marketing campaign, which attracts a diverse group of candidates, we add additional marketing to both diversity job boards and newspapers.

Internet Ad Campaigns
HireLive uses “pay-per-click” ads on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and more to target the specific audience we are looking for based on the event. Using the targeted keywords and demographics is a proven way to find the right candidates for you.

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