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Meet Your Qualified Candidates Face to Face with Open Houses

HireLive Open Houses

Companies all across the US who have multiple openings in one location, use HireLive to help them promote their very own Hiring Event to fill any type of position. These events are a great way to see qualified candidates face to face on the day, time and location you prefer.

You give us the date, location and position, HireLive can bring the Career Fair to you. With as little as two weeks' notice, in any market across all 50 states, HireLive can help you meet with a vast number of candidates face to face. All you have to do is show up and interview. HireLive will launch a marketing campaign. We use resources to advertise and attract candidates who apply directly to the position by using online job boards, email campaign to databases, text campaigns, social networking and personalized phone calls to ensure the applicants are prepared to meet with you on the day, time and location of your choice. This service is ideal when you are looking to fill multiple openings at once. Each “Open House” is produced for one low flat fee. Whether you hire 1 or multiple candidates, there is no additional cost per hire.

How HireLive “Open House” Works

Call us two weeks prior to when you would like to hold your Open House.

Give us the city and state, day, time frame and location you would like to see candidates.

Fill out our Job Order Form with the profile of your candidate, how many openings you have, company comp. plan, benefits and selling points for our marketing campaign. We will also schedule an intake call with our team to go over your open position and details.

HireLive will begin their marketing campaign, promoting your company, open positions, benefits, location, and time of your Open House.

The day before your Open house, after all confirmation calls are completed, you will receive your schedule with candidate's name, contact information and interview time.

Benefits of HireLive “OPEN HOUSE”

There is an extremely low, flat rate pricing structure. Whether you make 1 hire or multiple hires, there are no additional charges for the service.

Having a respected third-party recruitment firm promoting your company and positions to candidates that may never have heard of your company or never thought about your industry.

Full HireLive marketing power directed at sourcing highly qualified candidates specifically for your company.

Ability to source candidates in any market across the US or help with large ramp ups or seasonal hiring.

Comfort of being able to conduct interviews at your office and also have approved candidates see multiple managers in one day to help expedite the hiring.